About Us.

Harris Electronic Waste Pty (Ltd) is a family-run, professional waste management company focused on electronic waste removal and disposal in South Africa. We have developed and continue to improve upon our techniques in order to execute a cleaner and more proficient procedure when disposing of unwanted and depreciated electronic equipment.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to become the most valued and reliable electronic waste recycler in the Western Cape and fulfil a role of an empowering business partner to our clients. We intend to achieve this by delivering an excellent and timely service whilst being able to consult our clients on effective waste disposal practices.


A large amount of our clientele is small to medium-sized enterprises which deal in the IT industry and have a regular disposal of electronic waste. These companies are comprised mainly of computer and printer distributors. However, we provide a drop-off point for our residential clients as well.

The Environment

The electronic waste recycling industry has been able to make a large and positive impact on the economy of South Africa, providing more jobs and enabling better productivity for the country. The recycling of electronic waste benefits the environment by decreasing the amount of new raw material being used in production, however, it is noted that the environment can be affected by the incorrect processing techniques of the waste. It is for this reason why we take more precaution in regards to processing our waste and comply with healthy processing methods.